80 Reasons We Matter

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Dearborn Branch, here is a list of 80 things AAUW members–at the national, state & Dearborn levels–have engaged in or lent support to recently, whether through advocacy, coalitions, donations, initiatives, lobbying (for or against) and actual participation.
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  1. Advocacy
  2. Alternatives for Girls
  3. The Big Read
  4. The blog on our website
  5. THE September Book Sale
  6. Bullying and cyberbullying
  7. Campus Leadership to shape the lives of future women leaders.
  8. Community Action Grants
  9. The Community Fund in Dearborn, particularly with regard to the Midwest Sculpture Initiative
  10. CEDAW — The U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
  11. Dearborn Area Theatre Association’s Random Acts of Theatre
  12. Dearborn Community Arts Council
  13. Dearborn Historical Museum & McFadden-Ross House & Best Dearborn Stories–Voices from Henry Ford’s Hometown
  14. Dearborn Symphony Orchestra and Dearborn Youth Symphony
  15. Discrimination — Jimmy Carter declared recently, “I am convinced that discrimination against women and girls is one of the world’s most serious, all-pervasive and largely ignored violations of basic human rights.”
  16. Educational Funding
  17. Elect Her-Campus Women Win — UM-D has just been awarded a grant designed to expand the pipeline of women running for elected office in college and beyond.
  18. Equal Pay Day, always in April
  19. Equal Rights Amendment, still not passed
  20. E-Student Affiliates at a host of colleges and universities
  21. Feminism
  22. Fender Bender entry to honor Alice Ramsey, the first woman to drive coast-to-coast
  23. First Step, which serves victims of domestic & sexual violence
  24. Federal Minimum Wage
  25. Friendship — Female camaraderie lowers levels of stress hormones, particularly cortisol. It allows women to decompress and leads them to achieve more calm and equilibrium. It also increases lifespans!
  26. Gender Equity in both education and the workplace
  27. Get-Out-the-Vote Effort
  28. Global Connections — We contribute to the economic and social development in countries where women endure acute and chronic needs.
  29. Health and reproductive rights — Under health care reform, mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, prenatal care, flu shots and regular well-baby and well-child visits will be covered.
  30. High School Data Transparency Act
  31. Human Trafficking and its horrors
  32. Kym Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor, has her new Sexual Assault Response Unit, a giant step for victims.
  33. International Day of the Girl Child celebrated each October 11
  34. The International Violence Against Women Act places women at the center of U.S. foreign policy. The bill supports measures to prevent violence, protect survivors and bring perpetrators to justice. It helps prevent and respond to violence against women particularly during armed conflicts.
  35. International Women of Courage Awards by the US State Department: “Women’s issues are families’ issues, they’re economic issues, they’re security issues, they’re justice issues.” — John Kerry, Secretary of State
  36. League of Women Voters
  37. Leadership — We provide development opportunities to our members.
  38. LEGACY — our newsletter
  39. Legal Advocacy –We challenge sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace.
  40. Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
  41. Lobby Corp
  42. The Marge Powell Leadership Awards
  43. The Mayor’s Arts Award
  44. Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame — The first Dearborn woman, Kay Cushman, was inducted this month for her participation in ConCon.
  45. Miss Representation, the documentary
  46. National Women’s History Museum on the National Mall
  47. NCCWSL — National Conference for College Women Student Leaders
  48. Nineteen — the percentage of women in Congress
  49. Oral History Project
  50. Paycheck Fairness Act
  51. Presidential Commission on the Status of Women
  52. Philanthropy: 3.7 million dollars were awarded in fellowships and grants to support 245 women in academic pursuits in 2013 alone! Since 1888, AAUW has awarded nearly $100 million in fellowships, grants, and awards to more than 12,000 women from 130 countries.
  53. Pockets of Perception, sculptural installation by high school students
  54. Public Policy: We advocate to advance equity for women and girls.
  55. Reproductive rights and responsibilities.
  56. Research: We analyze gender equity issues in education and the workplace.
  57. Rights in the workplace
  58. Safety Net: The number of households living with $2 or less in income per-person, per-day includes nearly 3 million kids. More than twenty percent of households now live in extreme poverty in this land of the American Dream.
  59. Sexism, THE social disease!
  60. Sexual Assault in the Armed Services & the documentary film The Invisible War
  61. Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  62. Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment Prevention
  63. $mart-$tart Salary negotiation workshops at over 140 colleges including University of Michigan-Dearborn
  64. SOAR at UM-D: Student Outreach and Academic Resources program
  65. STEM Education — We help level the playing field for girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  66. Student Debt — We’re trying to make it easier for grads to pay back their one-trillion plus dollars of debt.
  67. Supreme Court: There are now three women chief justices.
  68. Speech Trek to help high school girls find their voices
  69. Suffrage — We’ll be showing Iron Jawed Angels at the Henry Ford Centennial Library next August.
  70. Tech Trek
  71. Title IX
  72. Tribal Law and Order Act which aims to decrease violence against women in Native communities.
  73. Two-Minute Activist whereby we shape political opinions
  74. UM-D AAUW-Student Organization
  75. Vista Maria which has been rebuilding lives since 1883
  76. Violence Against Women Act — No one deserves to be beaten, raped, mutilated or sold into sexual slavery!
  77. The Wage Gap — We now know it is projected to close in 2057!
  78. Women’s Equality Day
  79. Women’s History Month
  80. Woman’s Resource Center at UM-D

Not to mention a whole lot of vitality and zest!

Even though we’ve turned eighty, we still have much to do, much to change and much to accomplish! We hope you’ll join us in our mission.