AAUW-D Member Application 2023-24

Use the printable link above for a membership application

If joining and paying by mail with a check: make the check payable to AAUW-Dearborn and send it with this completed form to: AAUW-Dearborn, P.O. Box 2498 Dearborn, Mi. 48123-2498.


The American Association of University Women – Dearborn

Membership Information 2023-2024

 Empowering Women for 90 years

The American Association of University Women-Dearborn has advocated for human rights, specifically issues related to women and girls since 1933. We are a non-partisan 501-c3 non-profit.  We invite you to join us as we promote equity issues through education, research, and advocacy.  The advancement of social justice depends on all of us. 

Membership categories are inclusive of any educational level, gender/sexual identity, religion, race, and ethnicity. Regular membership in AAUW requires a 2- or 4-year college degree. Community Associate and Student Memberships are available for all interested in our mission. 

  • Members receive a monthly email newsletter called LEGACY. It includes news and updated meeting details. Other information is disseminated through emails as needed.
  • Members are invited to attend meetings and events as often as their schedules allow.
  • Membership meetings and events are generally planned monthly in and near Dearborn, September through June.
  • You are welcomed to participate in Social Interest & Study Groups (see application). These are held on various days, times, and locations around Dearborn.
  • Members receive an annual directory which includes a list of members and their contact information, events, general information, Affiliate contacts, and mission details.
  • Regular/Associate dues are currently $101 per year, a portion of which is tax deductible.
  • Student membership annual dues are $18.81 for National and $17 Branch, total $35.81.
  • We accept new members at any time. If joining at a  meeting or public event, new members receive a discount rate of $65 for the first year of membership, 
  • Additional donations to any of our programs are welcomed at any time, including Educational Fund, AAUW -D Needs and and Marge Powell Leadership Award.

This is a great year to become a member as we plan our 90th Anniversary celebration (9/16) and our much anticipated 70th annual Book /Media Sale fundraiser (10/5-7).

Our members are encouraged to participate in our programs with local school and college students, community-based fundraisers, and monthly mission-based meeting/programs. 

We contribute annually to several educational programs through the Dearborn Public Schools. We provide support and community outreach to mission-related organizations including Henry Ford College, and the University of Michigan-Dearborn. In addition to the satisfaction of community service our members enjoy the camaraderie of getting involved in social interest groups and community outreach programs.

Contacts:   President Joan Reed                            313 -673-4207

VP Membership, Deborah  McBain                                  313- 673-5501

Mary Namath

Commitment – Camaraderie – Community – Connection

Let your voice be heard through AAUW-Dearborn!

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