Strategic Plan 2022-2024

AAUW-Dearborn Strategic Planning 2.0
Adopted May 3, 2022

“Reframing and Refocusing our Impact”

Education & Training
Goal A – Broaden branch preschool through high school educational and training connections within our diverse community and neighboring communities.
1. Communicate with local educational and training facilities and learn what is offered as career education at elementary, middle, and high schools. Extend information to them and community media along about AAUW-D’s empowerment and diversity focus.

2. Support existing programs with information to enhance student and parent understanding of STEM career opportunities with an online resource tool.

Goal B – Strenghten branch connections with HFC and UM-Dearborn STEM and Career/ Guidance Departments.
1. Open communication lines with key HFC and UM-Dearborn staff to recharter the AAUW college group or establish a new connections with a related existing organization(s) with help from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair.

2. Create and promote a career path event with professionals in STEM careers for HFC, UM-D, DPS STEM and potential STEM students by partnering with school faculties and business community organizations. Invite the broader public community to attend with branch and partner budgetary support.

Economic Security
Goal and Process – Provide current information for Education &Training Goal A and B above related to job requirements, needed skills and talents, educational requirements, salary/pay scales, and advancement opportunities for diverse populations as the goal processes develops and comes to fruition using available resources.

Goal  A – Strengthen connections with the League of Women Voters of Dearborn and Dearborn Heights and other community non-profits to promote/support local and online leadership programs and events consistent with our mission.
Meet with LWVDDH leadership and/or other area nonprofits and explore limited partnerships with them. Coordinate and support local events or programs that align with the mission of AAUW and that focus on leadership training or recognize successful women in leadership positions.

Goal B – Share information about the career paths of current women in leadership roles in our community via more branch media/PR promotions.
1. Promote local events and online resources that profile women in leadership roles on our social media and community print resources. Make information accessible to branch members, local schools, other non-profits, and city government officials encouraging them all to attend and participate.

2. Establish a shadowing program guide for 8-10th grade students with the help of the local Chamber of Commerce. Community professionals would volunteer to meet with students, explain their career paths, share their daily routines, and other career experiences for two days during summer vacation with parental permission.

Governance & Sustainability
Goal A – Develop a recruitment plan to broaden membership in our branch that extends to neighboring communities and announces our commitment to DEI by welcoming diversity and focusing on empowerment for changes that benefit families.

With the assistance of the DEI Chair and Committee, input from the Executive Board, and approval of the Board of Directors, develop short term and long term plans for the implementation of Goal A above with budgetary support. Enlist local TV and radio to also promote and cover all public branch events. Expand branch media PR outlets.

GOAL B – Complete and implement a branch succession plan for elective officers and chairs that incorporates best practices, position responsibilities, mentorship guidelines, past successes, and future plans. This plan will pass from each officer to the next at the end of their terms under the direction of the branch President and Administrative VP.

Process                                                                                                                                                    Under the supervision of the AAUW-D President, the documents necessary to complete Goal B will be completed and dispersed as directed above.